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  • Duck Bacon: Part 1 of a series of how to up your game with wild game posted by PewPewPewCo.
    As hunters, we deal with the challenges of making the fruits of our own labor tasty, but sometimes the real struggle is convincing those we share the table with to enjoy the game meat as well. The...
  • DIY GasBuster Charging Handle. posted by NWS.
    I am sure we are all familiar with the PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle. It is a charging handle with a radius cut in the bottom that diverts excess gas out the right side to prevent gases from...
  • Glock vs 1911: The battle for the quietest host posted by PewPewPewCo.
    When you buy your first center fire pistol suppressor, it is inevitable, you’re going to go on the decibel hunt. Tracking down every last decibel, you’ll be looking for the perfect ammo, recoil...
  • Welcome to Southeast Traders! posted by dougiemac.
    Welcome to Southeast Traders. Whether you are just here for some information on the outdoors, looking to ask a question, wanting to buy, sell or trade an item, or if you’re looking for a community...
  • Fishing for spotted bass at Carters Lake Georgia. posted by Bypass.
    I spend a lot of time on the lake and when I am on the lake, I like to catch pretty much anything that will bite. Mostly I catch spots and I use ultralight fishing gear to bring them in. The...

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