Beto: People can't fight a Tyrannical Government nor do they have the right to

Howard Law


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May 17, 2016
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Zenas - here's my original post:

Please note the use of the word "some".

"Some" when used to describe multiple things or events means not "all".

So, to help you understand this a little better, I'll explain. ""Some" yahoos with costumes" means not all of those groups mentioned. To further clarify - "Some" of those groups WILL be the ones to enforce, or attempt to enforce unconstitutional law. If you believe "some" other groups will act as enforcers of said laws, please elaborate on who that might be.

I did not call you or you LEO colleagues "boot lickers", that would be stupid, as LEOs wear the boots. My comment about "jackboot-licking" applies to the "hero" worship that is bestowed on our costumed state employees by the regular citizenry without thought.

Well, the police and military aren't like regular citizens. Cops are paid to enforce the laws created by politicians. Soldiers are paid to follow the orders of their commanders, who take their orders from politicians. (this may be acts of war, defense, national "emergency")

When egregious laws against gun owners, or laws regarding right to assemble, speak, protest are passed, why not just laugh and carry on? The politicians ain't gonna do shit.

Some yahoos with costumes will enforce the laws, ATF, FBI, police, National Guard, etc...

If "we were all the same" you wouldn't get the hero worship, jackboot-licking atmosphere exhibited so often these days.

You are correct, however in regards to average citizen rolling over. I believe most will, probably some old bastards full of hate and nothing to lose will be the only ones to resist.
And for the record, I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States in 1983, while still in high school. (delayed enlistment program, don't know if that still exists).
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