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GA 7.62x51mm ammo on 5rd stripper clips, in ammo cans with spoons


Jul 12, 2016
Dallas, GA
Zip code
Item Name: FS/FT 7.62x51mm in 5rd stripper clips with a spoon

Location: Live in Dallas GA, work in College Park

Zip Code: 30132

Item is for: Sale or Trade
Sale Price: $75/$95/$150
Trade Value or Items Looking For: Whatcha got? 9mm, 5.56, etc.

Caliber: 7.62x51mm

Willing to Ship: No

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: 3 cans of 7.62x51mm ammunition, all loaded in steel 5rd stripper clips. Each comes in an ammo can and includes a stripper clip guide/charger/loader/spoon. All ammo is clean and bright with no corrosion.

195rds of South African, mostly JJ headstamp with some 12 mixed in. Comes in a German ammo can. $75

185rds of British Radway Green with RG headstamp. Delinked MG ammo. Comes in a US 7.62 ammo can. $95

415rds of South African, JJ headstamp. In a US .50cal ammo can. $150


Army SDM
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Jul 3, 2015
Powder Springs, Hiram
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I'm interested in the 195 rounds in the German ammo can, what are you looking for in trade ? I have 55 grain and 62 grain 5.56 just LMK how many rounds your looking for in trade.